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Why Home Filtration Systems Are Better Than Bottled Water

The truth is that not all spring water is purified water. In fact, most spring water isn't bottled at the source. 

7 Benefits to Whole House Water Softeners and Filters

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Do you want to improve the water in your home? Then, a water softening and filtration system might be the correct answer. These systems are the all-in-one solution to multiple water problems. But what does a water softener do? And is it worth it?  Here are seven benefits to using...

4 Reasons To Have Your Softener Serviced Yearly

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Having your softener serviced yearly is as vital as regular brine tank cleaning and adding salt to your softener. Here are four reasons why we recommend that you have your softener and other filtration components serviced annually: Cleaning & General Upkeep Over time, the...

The Truth About Refrigerator Water Filters

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If you think that your refrigerator filter is keeping your water safe, think again. A study by scientists at Duke University and North Carolina State University found that while using any water filter is better than not using one at all, most are only partially effective in...