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Salt-pelletsOur softener works by passing the hard water through resin beads which have soft sodium/potassium ions attached to them. While the water is in contact with the resin beads an ion exchange takes place with the hard mineral ions (typically calcium and/or magnesium) trading places with the soft sodium/potassium ions. After a period of use the sodium/potassium ions are depleted being replaced by calcium and magnesium. The resin then needs to be regenerated with the sodium/potassium ions so the resin will again be able to exchange the hard for the soft. Our softeners use potassium or sodium to regenerate.Sodium (SALT PELLETS) sole purpose in your water softener is to regenerate the resin beads that actually take the hardness out of your water. This exchange does not make your water taste salty or significantly increase your sodium intake.We use pure salt pellets in all of our water softeners. Pure salt pellets, are made of 99.8% sodium chloride. It is virtually 100% water soluble: and helps eliminate brine tank clean out necessitated by insoluble material. It contains a patented additive to prevent mushing and bridging in the salt keeper. We fully service and add salt as needed for your system twice a year, or, as needed.