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Reverse Osmosis Filtration is the Best Bet for Removing Pesticides from Your Water 

Reverse osmosis can remove pesticides (herbicides, insecticides), some of the leading contaminants in drinking water across the United States. Rainwater and the melt from snow can wash pesticides and other toxic chemicals away from citrus groves, row crop fields, industrial sites, golf courses, and parks into storm drains and, ultimately, the city reservoir. That’s where they start causing issues at your city’s water treatment facility. In addition to polluting drinking water that has passed through city water treatment, pesticides taint groundwater and private wells. 


How Can You Get Your Water Tested?  


Call Torres Water Company at (504)838-8345 and ask for a free water evaluation. We’ll evaluate the levels of dangerous chemicals in your tap water. Additionally, most state and local health departments can test for pesticides. 


Why should I be concerned about pesticide runoff? The trace amounts in my drinking water are safe and regulated, right? The level of pesticides can change from minimal to toxic at any time. This is due to   rapid, unpredictable environmental factors that suddenly increase runoff.


Recent research into Louisiana’s water safety revealed that unhealthy pesticide compounds, the most common of which is atrazine, do affect the state’s water as runoff from multiple sources collects in streams and rises to hazardous levels.  The New York Times reported in 2009 that researchers found concentrations of atrazine below EPA thresholds could disrupt menstrual cycles. Atrazine affects the body by playing the part of a normal hormone, then damages the immune system, wreaks havoc on hormonal balance, triggers reproductive health issues, causes carcinogenic effects, and may lead to cognitive impairment. 


Okay, I don’t want to take a chance with this stuff—What are my options? Our Puronics Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems remove 99 percent of the toxic chemicals in water, including all traces of pesticides. Reverse osmosis water purifiers use pressure to force water molecules through membranes at a micro-level, eradicating contaminants.  


How to Find Out More 


To find out the level of contaminants in your public water system, call your municipality’s Utility Department and ask for a copy of their Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs). These documents contain information on pollutants in drinking water, among other data about how healthy your water is.  Want to eliminate traces of pesticides and other contamination from your water supply? Give us a call. At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for the water filtration system that best fits your needs. Call us at (504) 838-8345 for free water analysis and consultation, or visit us at www.torreswater.com for more info on our products and services.



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