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People are becoming more concerned with air purification. Air pollutants get into the home and can cause problems for allergy sufferers. All homes, no matter how clean, can contain unwanted pollutants that are impossible to avoid, from cleaning products and tobacco to dust mites and pollen. What about pet odor and pet dander? Paint fumes, chemical gases, smoke, fungi, and mold can all be removed with a properly designed air purifier. These pollutants cannot be seen, but can definitely cause problems.These contaminants usually end up in the air returns and keep circulating through your entire home over and over again. A number of different technologies are used individually or in combination to produce quality air. These include ultraviolet light, ozone, and/or negative ionization.These technologies can oxidize the contaminants which cause odors which can aggravate allergic reactions such as sneezing, asthma, itchy eyes and cause sinus and ear irritations.

Systems are designed for personal use, single room (bathroom, hotel), whole house, hair salon, bowling alley, casinos, and many other applications.