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Why Home Filtration Systems Are Better Than Bottled Water

With the right home filtration system installed, you can have the taste of bottled water directly from your faucet. 

Finding the best-tasting, freshest water is a mission shared by most customers who regularly visit a supermarket. Bottled water is the second most popular beverage available commercially in the U.S., and buying trends suggest this won’t change anytime soon. However, most consumers might not realize that bottled water is simply filtered tap water. It’s the same water you can get from home! Water from a home filtration system is better than bottled water. Here are a few benefits of installing a water system compared to repeated purchases of heavy, cumbersome flats of bottled water:


A Home Filtration System Will Save You Money in the Long-Term


Branding for bottling companies has effectively convinced customers that their pricey water is worth the cost. For instance, the label “spring water” has come to be known as a purer form of water. The truth is that not all spring water is purified water. In fact, most spring water isn’t bottled at the source. 


If you invest in a drinking water home filtration system, you can achieve the same fresh, crisp taste of water from the grocery store in your home without emptying your wallet every time you visit the supermarket.


The Convenience of A Home Filtration System vs. Bottled Water


Water bottles are one of the heaviest items you can bring home from the grocery store. Whether in a multi-gallon jug or a flat, it’s a bother to bring home every week. In the age of panic buying and supply issues, prepackaged water is the first item snatched up by shoppers. Though bottled water might be necessary for emergencies, wouldn’t it be great to have an unlimited supply at home? A filtration system can give you this supply!


Home Filtration for Water Is Trustworthy


Your water filtration system will offer you the safest possible water by removing contaminants. The reverse osmosis process will ensure that your water is free of harmful pollution. A water test before installing a filtration system will identify your water quality. When buying commercial water, you’re most likely receiving tap water from an unidentified source, and while it may be filtered, you can’t always be sure that all contamination has been removed. 


Better for the Environment Than Bottled Water


Healthy Human Life reports that 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills, and it takes around 1000 years for every bottle to break down and decompose. Manufacturing and shipping of water bottles also add to their already enormous carbon footprint, as opposed to reusable containers at home. You could reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on the amount of plastic waste by installing a home filtration system.

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