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Pesticides (herbicides, insecticides) are one of the leading contaminants in drinking water across the United States. Rainwater and the melt from snow can wash pesticides and other toxic chemicals away from citrus groves, row crop fields, industrial sites, golf courses, and parks into storm drains and, ultimately, the city reservoir. That’s where they start causing issues at your city’s water treatment facility. In addition to polluting drinking water that has passed through city water treatment, pesticides taint groundwater and private wells. 


How Can You Get Your Water Tested?  


Call Torres Water Company at (504)838-8345 and ask for a free water evaluation. We’ll evaluate the levels of dangerous chemicals in your tap water. Additionally, most state and local health departments can test for pesticides. 


Why should I be concerned about pesticide runoff? The trace amounts in my drinking water are safe and regulated, right? The level of pesticides can change from minimal to toxic at any time because of rapid, unpredictable environmental factors that suddenly increase runoff.


Recent research into Louisiana’s water safety revealed that unhealthy pesticide compounds, the most common of which is atrazine, do affect the state’s water as runoff from multiple sources collects in streams and rises to hazardous levels.  The New York Times reported in 2009 that researchers found concentrations of atrazine below EPA thresholds could disrupt menstrual cycles. Atrazine affects the body by playing the part of a normal hormone, then damages the immune system, wreaks havoc on hormonal balance, triggers reproductive health issues, causes carcinogenic effects, and may lead to cognitive impairment. 


Okay, I don’t want to take a chance with this stuff—What are my options? Our Puronics Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems remove 99 percent of the toxic chemicals in water, including all traces of pesticides. Reverse osmosis water purifiers use pressure to force water molecules through membranes at a micro-level, eradicating contaminants.  


If you want to know the level of contaminants in your public water system, call your municipality’s Utility Department and ask for a copy of their Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs). These documents contain information on pollutants in drinking water, among other data about how healthy your water is.  Once you’re ready to eliminate traces of pesticides and other contamination from your water supply and get some peace of mind, give us a call. At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for the water filtration system that best fits your needs. Call us at (504) 838-8345 for a free water analysis and consultation, or visit us at www.torreswater.com for more info on our products and services.



Louisiana faces unique water needs. It’s rural water systems are heavily affected by constant boil water notices outside of hurricane season. St. Tammany Parish faced over 200 notices per year unrelated to hurricanes. That number only increases when storms contribute to the state’s already great backup power need. 


During Hurricane Laura in 2020, over 60,000 water customers across six parishes were impacted by a nearly month-long boil order.  Louisiana’s boil water notices occur when boiling water become necessary to kill dangerous bacteria that can have grave health consequences. The order lifts only when the water tests come back clear. The total boil orders in the state per year are around 1,600 to 1,700, counting notices not connected to storm damage.


Boil orders are more common in rural areas, accounting for more than 80% of the state’s total. With infrastructure that dates to before 1960 in some areas, the likelihood that you will be boiling water to drink and brush your teeth is very high. Aside from the health effects of deadly bacteria, there are also high concentrations of iron and manganese, among other mineral contamination.



With so many problems headed to your tap this hurricane season, it might be time to consider investing in a water filtration system that’s right for your home needs. Our point-of-entry filtration reduces the overall risk of drinking and showering in contaminated water by removing iron and hydrogen sulfide, neutralizing acids, and filtering sediment. The Puronic reverse osmosis point-of-use drinking water system is installed under your sink and can feed your fridge, ice maker, and coffee maker. 


Consider how much time you’ll save if you don’t have to put water on to boil every day. When it comes down to it, saved time and convenience are worth a small expense. At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for the water filtration system that best fits your needs. Call us today at (504) 838-8345 for a free water analysis and consultation, or visit us at torreswater.com to find out more.

Finding the best tasting, freshest water is a mission shared by most customers who regularly visit a supermarket. Bottled water is the second most popular beverage available commercially in the U.S., and buying trends suggest this won’t change anytime soon. However, most consumers might not realize that bottled water is simply filtered tap water. It’s the same water you can get from home! With the right drinking water filtration system installed, you can have the taste of bottled water directly from your faucet. Here are a few benefits of installing a water system compared to repeated purchases of heavy, cumbersome flats of bottled water:


Saves You Money Long-Term


Branding for bottling companies has effectively convinced customers that their pricey water is worth the cost. For instance, the label “spring water” has come to be known as a purer form of water. The truth is that not all spring water is purified water. In fact, most spring water isn’t bottled at the source. 


If you invest in a drinking water filtration system, you can achieve the same fresh, crisp taste of bottled water in your home without emptying your wallet every time you visit the supermarket.




Bottled water is one of the heaviest items you can bring home from the grocery store. Whether in a multi-gallon jug, or a flat of 24 individual bottles, it’s a bother to bring home every week. Especially in the age of panic buying and supply chain issues, bottled water is often the first item to be snatched up by frantic shoppers. Though bottled water might be necessary for emergencies, wouldn’t it be great to have an unlimited supply at home? A filtration system can give you this supply!


It’s Trustworthy


Your water filtration system will offer you the safest possible water by removing contaminants. The reverse osmosis process will ensure that your water is free of harmful pollution. A water test before installing a filtration system will identify your water quality. With bottled water, you’re most likely receiving tap water from an unidentified source, and while it may be filtered, you can’t always be sure that all contamination has been removed. 


Better for the Environment


Healthy Human Life reports that 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills, and it takes around 1000 years for every bottle to break down and decompose. Manufacturing and shipping of water bottles also add to their already enormous carbon footprint, as opposed to reusable containers at home. With this waste in mind, you could reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on the amount of plastic waste by installing a home filtration system.

At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for the water filtration system of your choice. Call us today at (504) 838-8345 for a free water analysis and consultation, or visit us at torreswater.com to find out more.


Repair washing mashine atantive. Working man plumber repairs a washing machine in laundry

The pitfalls of hard water are not simply rusty sink fixtures and water stains on basins and clothes; The mineral content of hard water is so concentrated that it can destroy any home appliance that uses water. Here are a few examples of common household appliances that use water and could be affected by the high mineral content of hard water.

Washing Machines

Water hardness can interfere with how much soaps and detergents lather, affecting how clean clothes come out of the laundry. However, the minerals from hard water can accumulate in the lint screen, washing tub, and pump mechanism, among other moving parts. The build-up can become so severe that it can cause pump failure, which, depending on the damage, can set you back a new machine.




Dishwashers are much the same as a washing machine in how hard water targets them: dishes can appear stained and not fully clean after a cycle, and the hard water deposits can scratch the surface of any glassware, leaving it forever cloudy. Furthermore, calcium and magnesium build-up can clog the mechanism, which severely cuts the appliance’s life short.

Hot Water Heaters

If your water heater is working with untreated hard water, then it is, without a doubt, consuming more energy than units that operate with softer water. Calcium and magnesium form a rock-hard, scaly residue over time, and it’s not uncommon to find over twenty pounds of build-up in a water heater 5-10 years old.

There are so many other appliances that can be affected by hard water content: your coffee maker, the ice maker, and the electric iron, among many others. If it uses water, then it’s at risk!

How Do I Protect My Appliances?

Easy! You call Torres Water at 504-838-8345, and we’ll work with you to turn your hard water into soft. By installing a filtration and purification system, we can reduce the amount of soap and dishwashing detergent that needs to be used. Your clothes will feel softer, and the softer water will make sure the stains in your toilets, showers, and sinks are a thing of the past. Finally, the life cycle of your appliances will increase, and hard water’s detrimental health effects on both your appliances and your skin will be reduced. Call today for a free consultation for home or business!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, acne affects up to 50 million Americans annually. Have a great skin regimen but still have a noticeable acne breakout most of the time?  The water out of your tap and shower head may be causing the problem.

Here’s the truth behind the potential connection between your water quality and its effects on your skin.

Hard Water Clogs Your Pores

When your household water contains hard minerals, your soap or body wash doesn’t lather as quickly, causing the particles and residue to remain on your skin after you’ve showered. Furthermore, when calcium or magnesium from hard water stays behind on your skin, the particles can clog your pores in the same way they clog your plumbing. 

An increase in hard minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron can cause breakouts, skin irritation, and dryness.  It can also exacerbate skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Water hardness can affect the pH level of your shower water. Your skin’s pH level should be at 5 (the acidic side of the scale). Finally, because hard water has a higher pH and is more alkaline than filtered water, this disparity may be irritating your skin and contributing to your skin conditions.

Many homes also have elevated chlorine levels in their tap water. The problem with chlorinated water is that it strips your skin of its natural oils, driving your skin to produce more oil. This gradually results in drying out and irritating your skin. 

How High-Quality Water Can Make a Difference

Are you concerned about the water quality in your home? Why not consider a water treatment solution that addresses the hard water and chemicals that may be contributing to your skin problems.

Torres Water company offers a complete package to treat the water entering your home. Our water filters reduce contaminants and impurities like chlorine and chloramines, and our water softener addresses hard water that may be detrimental to sensitive skin.

How to Improve Your Complexion

Eliminating hard water minerals and chemicals from your shower water could help you combat acne. A study published in the journal “Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology” concluded that increasing your water consumption by 68 ounces per day significantly improves skin hydration

Do you want all the benefits of softened, filtered water? The best thing to do is install a water softening and filtration system for your home or business.   Moreover, a high-quality system will last decades and pay for itself. Let us get you started with a free water analysis for your home or business. Call us today at (504) 838-8345. 

Torres Water is proud to be an authorized, independent dealer of Puronics Water Products. Puronics has been in the business of whole-house water softener treatment since 1947.

In our experience, the water tastes better and is healthier when treated by Puronics water softeners and water filtration systems.

Puronics’ SilverShield

Puronics filtration is a multi-level process that removes all chemicals, pollutants, and other unhealthy items in your water. Puronics technology is top of the line. With its SilverShield filter which includes NASA’s silver ion technology, the Puronics filtration system keeps bacteria from ever touching the filter media tank. 

Three Phase Filtration

First Phase – City or well water fills the tank and is run through our state-of-the-art SilverShield filter. The activated carbon frame starts working on bad odors and tastes caused by chlorine and sulfur build-up.

Second Phase – Moving past the SilverShield, the water experiences a conditioner of high-tech softening resin. The water is purified further with the use of the resin, which removes iron and minerals in the water responsible for hard water issues.

Third Phase – The remaining filtered water moves through a silica-based sand filter, adding a polishing sheen that gives your water a clear, sparkling appearance to fit with that brilliant taste. 

Sometimes the most cost-effective thing to do is install a Puronics water softening and filtration system for the entire home or office. A Puronics system is made from durable, reliable parts and will last decades. By allowing Torres to run a free water analysis on your property’s water source, you can gain valuable insight into the specific chemicals and pollutants that are in your water. With this information in mind, Torres Water can find the Puronics filtration system that works best for your home or business.

At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for the water filtration system you choose. Call us today at (504) 838-8345 for a free water analysis and consultation or visit us at torreswater.com to find out more.